Consulting & Project Support


Flexibility. It's what you need, and it's our favorite approach to working with clients. We often start with a 60-day assignment, or a short, facilitated retreat to tackle a specific need. Many clients prefer an ongoing relationship, making us part of their team, committed to seeing a fundraising effort through from conception and implementation to evaluation. We always throw in some training if your team needs it.

We expect to be judged on your results.

Messaging that gets action


From an entirely new theme to an overhaul of your existing online and traditional communications, we won't rest until the targeting and language are fresh and motivational. We'll write, test, and stay with you to improve fundraising results. Curious if copy really matters? Ask us for feedback on your material, and we'll give you practical input before you decide to hire us.

What could be more fair?

Training and Coaching


Dick McPherson and his associates are acclaimed trainers and teachers, delivering content that is timely, customized - and stimulating. We offer individual sessions for executives and managers, full programs for managers and staff, and overview briefings for board members. Everybody leaves with new skills and a determination to aim higher. 

We threw out the cookie-cutter years ago.